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When my kid was still in diapers a few years ago, I found myself in a whirlwind of constant housework. I would do laundry in the morning, clean the kitchen at noon, and wash the bathrooms in the evening.

I’m sure that my husband appreciated these efforts when he came home to a clean house every day.
But when I started getting overwhelmed with all of this work, I realized that no one ever taught me how to keep my house clean when we have kids!

It is hard in every way on how to keep your house clean when you have kids. They make messes, messy themselves, and always seem to find a way to make your life more difficult.
It is when I started looking for ways to maintain a tidy space while keeping my sanity intact.

Here are some tips on

How to keep your house clean when we have kids:

How to keep your house clean

Establish a routine for cleanup

There are many benefits of establishing a routine for house cleaning. Primarily, this will make it easier to keep things in order and keep track of what has been done.

The first thing to do is to break up the house into zones. For instance, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, kids’ room, and bathroom can be “zones”. Each zone should have a time in the day for cleaning.

Teach the kids how to clean up

Children are unique and creative when it comes to making a mess. As parents, we often find ourselves cleaning up after them in the house.

Teaching the kids how to keep the house clean is an excellent way to learn responsibility and develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

You might think that kids will not do it without your supervision, but they will surprise you with their eagerness and ability to care for themselves because kids nowadays learn things more quickly than adults.

Make cleaning fun for the kids by turning it into games

The best way to keep your house clean is by making it fun for the kids. You can turn cleaning into games that they want to play, which will make the chore seem like less work.

One way is by setting up a rewards system. Kids love rewards, and they will be more excited about completing tasks if they know that they will get something in return.

Give your children a certain amount of time to put things in order in their room and if they manage, give them a small prize after they finish; this will keep them motivated and want to do more.

Starting by making their bed after they woke up

The first thing your kids need to do is start by making their bed after they wake up. It will allow them to understand how important things are to be tidy up before moving on anywhere else in the house.

Every morning, kids and adults should start by making their bed and then do an activity they enjoy most to start their day with positive energy.

Put an organizational system in place.

The best way to keep your house clean with kids is to put an organizational system in place. It will make it easier for you to find what you need and not make a real mess when searching for things.

For example, if you don’t want to find toys all over the house, buy baskets or bins and put them away at night. Put them together by size or type so that it’s easier to know where something goes after you pick it up. If certain toys belong together, like dolls and their clothes, then put those items together too.

Get storage containers for small items like legos or crayons.

Kids can be messy. They have a lot of toys, and they love to play with them all the time. The problem is that kids often think there is no order in this house, which causes a mess every day. However, it doesn’t have to be this way because there are many creative ways to keep your home clean with kids.

Storage containers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits the space you have available in your living room or bedroom. You can also label them with colors or materials to distinguish them from other containers.

This way, when the kids dig through the baskets, they know what they’re looking for and can pick it up quickly.

Have designated areas for dirty clothes, such as laundry baskets.

As we all know, kids can make a mess in a matter of minutes. It might seem like the only way to keep your house clean is to stay on top of them and clean up after they’ve made a mess. If they don’t find a place to keep their things, they always end up on the floor.

So to keep your house clean with kids, you should designate areas for dirty clothes. This way, no dirty clothes will be left on the floor, and your bathroom will stay clean.

You can use laundry baskets or another storage option to store dirty clothes. Then, when the basket is complete, you can take the clothes to the washing machine.

Wash dirty dishes and don’t let them pile up.

First, if your child is old enough to grasp the concept, teach them to put their dishes in the sink/dishwasher after eating. And then show them how to wash and dry their dishes.

You must teach them that if we don’t wash them soon enough, they will start piling up and become a disaster.

The best technique is to have a dishwasher or a dish rack in the kitchen to wash dishes as soon as they accumulate or before they pile up, which will prevent the kitchen from having a bad odor.

Teach them how to pile their clothes in their wardrobe.

Children are not born knowing how to clean their rooms or organize their clothes in the wardrobe. You have to teach them how to do it.

First, teach them how to fold their clothes neatly before placing them in their wardrobe or cupboard. It will help keep the room tidy and avoid looking like a mess.

Second, teach them how to organize their clothes by type of clothing, for example, all t-shirts together, then trousers etcetera. So then they go out for any event they know where to search for their outfit so that their wardrobe doesn’t become a mess.

Create a small space for homework.

There are many benefits to having a designated space for homework at home. One reason is that it helps children know where to put their school stuff when they get home, so they don’t scatter it around the house.

Another benefit is that by making this space convenient, parents can encourage kids to get their work done silently before playing with other things.

Put all your clutter in one location, like a closet or hallway, so the rest of the house stays tidy and clean!

Sometimes the smallest changes can have the most significant impact.
One of the best ways to keep your house tidy is finding a space in your home solely for storing clutter, like a hallway closet or under the stairs. It will help you stay organized, and decluttering will be much easier.


People usually do not realize how much time and effort goes into keeping a house clean. Housework is a full-time job in itself. To keep your house clean, you need to have the right tools and an efficient strategy for when to do what.

It is essential to teach children about hygiene and cleanliness
This way, they will learn the importance of cleaning themselves while also learning how to be responsible for another person’s well-being and livelihood.

Thank you for reading; I know that with all the tasks that need to be done after a long day at work, it’s no surprise that we parents often feel like our home is in a state of chaos. But with these few tips, I’m sure you can keep your house clean and tidy even when you have kids.

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How to keep your house clean